I’m chewing on my precious pistachio* nuts now, which means that it’s about 8pm or so. After my workout, I did some stretches and then sat on the Klakbo and took off my shoes. As I sat there, I looked at my phone and thought of you. Though your photos are all over our house, I let myself just sit there and reminisce and emerse myself in memories. I’m so glad that I took so many pictures and luckily, even a few of them are Live.
I took these Polaroids of you in May with the Impossible 600 film that was sitting in the back of our refrigerator since 2017, and to my surprise, they turned out pretty good not just because the film is expired but also because Impossible’s “color” film usually looks more sepia-tone and I can actually see a little bit of color this time. I remember that we had just finished our chores and that I invited myself to walk with you during your Nacho shift. The sky was bright and scattered with light, puffy clouds that afternoon and I tried to fit as much of them as I could in the frame. I just can’t get enough of your smile, my lovely love.

(* whole-food, plant-based source of melatonin)
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